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 Advantages of registered member

Only registered member can enjoy various services specially designed for you by Allsources Network.
Allsources Business Member Mamnagement Center (hereinafter refer to "Member Center") Through successive perfecting, it has become a highly integrated system with the following powerful functions: information posting(including post and edit of selling leads, buying leads, corporate info as well as the delete, refresh of related info and so on), covering powerful function modules for member affairs assistance (member's favorite and so on), site management (need to be applied, please see details in Apply for Star Enterprise),including dynamic company info management, talents recruitment, reputation certificates, product exhibition management, cooperative sites and so on, verification in user login (member login).
One of the good news for our members is: starting from now, the sorting order in Allsources Search is integrated with member point system. Member can gain points during its use and increasing its rank of message in search result.

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 Registration steps

Here we designed an easy and fast registration page for you. Just a click to join! Join Allsources Network is just so simple!
Please be noted that most of your data will be added after your membership is approved.

 How long does it take to become valid after registration

We will check successfully submitted registration ASAP! Normally, our staff will approve it within one working day. The result of approval will be sent to you mailbox.

 In case failure in registration

If it can't be submitted, please submit again upon modification made according to our prompt!Allsources Network reminds you to take care of details such as number 1 and letter l, DBC case for number input.If it still can't be submitted, please contact our Client CenterClick to find.
In case your registration is disapproved, it might be some information you fill not in line with our requirement. Please refer to our mail prompt to resubmit your registration!

 What kind of company archive may not be approved by editors at

Allsources Network advocates faithful operation, and hope each member could conduct business in a faithful way. We will refuse any company (or personal) registration which might contain illusive information; we accept no data in liberty, we also accept no data too simple. Please follow the above rules strictly.
Any fraud in member info may result in the cancellation of membership.

 Forget your password? Change password?

  • *If you forget your password, please try to use your question and answer to get your password back.
  • If the above operation fails, please contact with our Client Center, we will send your password to your registered mailbox.
  • In case you forget your registered mailbox, you will have to show related company certificate(such as business license) to get your password back.

 Change company name

Change of company name at will is not advocated, we also provide no operation for the change of company name in Allsources Business Member Management Center. Company name is unique in Allsource Company Library. If you really need to change your company name, please contact Client Center and provide your lawful identity certificate for our confirmation.

 Notes on registered e-mail and member ID

Each email can be registered only once, therefore the registered email is unique.
Member reference no. is an unique number generated by the system (which will also be served as valid identity of member).

 Notes on information safety

Allsources Network is obligated to ensure the safety of member information.
Member could also protect its information by choosing its disclosing scope.
Member's email address is strictly protected to prevent spam.

 About quit from membership
Click quit from Member Center, the system will clear member's online status automatically. If you close the page directly, member status will be maintained for 20 minutes on the server. If you are at public venue, we suggest you click "Quit B2b168 Member center" to quit.

 Notes on member classification and points

Ordinary member

Ordinary member refers to member without uploading related company certificate such as business license.

Faithful member

You will be upgraded to Faithful member and be granted with some points upon receiving valid company certificate such as business license from you. Faithful member has the priority to enjoy other services provided by us.

Gold member

Gold member refers to faithful member who has shown their zest on Allsources Network, and has paid a certain amount to support the development of Allsources Network. Points of Gold member will be largely improved.


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