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What is a verification code Detailed Description about My Favorite Description on Site Internal Message
 What is a verification code? How to deal when "Error in verification code"?

Verification code is a safety measure to enhance the safety for our client during login and/or information posting. Verification code is generated by the system and is shown at the related page. Just input it as it is.

Please refers to the following two methods in dealing problem about verfication code:
  • Refresh the current page, input and submit again.
  • If your Chinese input is at SBC case, please convert it to DBC case or English input,input and submit again.

 Detailed Description about My Favorite

Right figure shows "My Favorite" at Member Center.
My Favorite is designed to facilitate members on memorizing trade leads, company info and to better take the advantage of Allsources Network. Login member can add any message into My Favorite easily. We will conduct automatic sorting while adding a message. As shown in the right figure, "My Favorite" is easy to management as it is sorted by time. In case of any other inconvenience, please let us know your comments, Help us to improve.

My Favorite (chart)
 Description on Site Internal Message

Right figure shows "Client Feedback" at Member Center.

Site internal message is a function specially designed for communication between clients and our members. You can conduct product inquiry and leave message to enterprise within Allsources Network directly. Enterprise can also manage client's feedback through Allsources Member Center as shown at the right.

Client Feedback (chart)

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