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Allsources Network is the largest free e-commerce network in the world, and also one of the websites with the largest amount and the latest information. Allsources possesses more than a million of enterprise database, and has about 3000 buying leads daily updated.

if only come down on it, the resources will be finally exhausted, contribute your information to share with others will benefit both you and all of us. This is just the charm of online business. Salute to all friends who have posted their information on Allsources Network!
We also hope to gether all resources!

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 Getting started with search

Right figure shows Allsources Search among buying leads (with category filtered out).
Allsources Search is very easy to use. You just input the content in the search box, then press Enter or click the Search button at the right of search box to get the information best matching with your need. Allsources Search is so simple!
Please input key wordsCLick Search to get result

 Search skills

Search prompt

Normally the pages with All key words will be searched firstly, therefore it is easy to expand the search result:
Just product name,remove all modifiers! For instance, just use "computer" to search "portable computer"; or "surface material" to search "new type male surface material". Step by step search will greatly improve the match ratio! For instance, to search both handbag and mobile phone, you can search "handbag", then search "mobile phone", or use key word "OR". Try with all related names! For instance, to search plastic, you can try to use "PVC", "plastic" and so on. Try again Search with related key words! For instance, to search "rice", you can also use "Grain" to expand search scope. There are many skills about this, here just named a few.
Due to the special features in business search, no dividing function is provided for the moment; if similar function is required, we suggest to use key words instead with details as follow.

Search with key words

You can useAND or blank to carry out "and" inquiry (To search with multiple key words or product key words together with region), please use blank or "and". For instance:Buy Shenzhen;UseNOT,+,- to carry out single word matchinquiry; Useorto expand search scope and so on.

Select Classified Search

You can also search among 29 sectors (Default is for all categories) to get faster and more accurate information.

 Inquiry Result

Right figure shows the search result of "Buy Shenzhen".

You can see optimized information in the result.

Title of Search Result. Just click the title to show the page in a new window.

View Detailed Buying Lead. Just open the page in the current window.

A summary of the detailed lead as well as its posting date will be returned.

 Demonstration (By date)

All leads are demonstrated in categories by Allsources Network. We will demonstrate all buying and selling leads, company info by 29 sectors and by date to all friends of

Allsources Catalog


Connection over time

In case of abnormal condition, over time may be resulted in connecting to the site. Please try it later again, we will solve the problem in the shortest time.

Automatic jump over

This situation may appear when some prohibted key words are inquired. Please try to search by other similar words.

Other Issues

In case of dead link or other inaccessable link, please let's us know ASAP (QQ:55527421).


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